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    Basic Duct Cleaning

    • Be familiar with the mechanical system you’re cleaning.
    • Internal components, type of material, installation and age of ducting, all can affect your ability to clean the ductwork safely.
    • Cut an opening in the supply side of the HVAC system near the furnace to connect the flexible ducting from the negative air collection unit.
    • Block all registers,(supply and return) except the most remote supply register, which will be the starting point for the scouring process.
    • With the HVAC unit, (furnace) off, activate the negative air collection unit.
    • After attaching the proper auger to the drive cable and drive unit, (see manual) insert the auger into the duct through the register left open in the supply system. The airflow from the negative collection unit will pull debris scoured from this point back to the collection bin.
    • With power connected and main power switch (located on drive unit) off, adjust the speed dial to 0.
    • Turn the main power switch to the “on” position.
    • Turn the rocker switch on the belt unit to forward, then slowly adjust the speed dial to increase the speed of the turning auger inside the duct. The auger will rise up and center itself inside the duct, which will be evident from watching the drive cable if the auger itself is not visible. If the auger seems to buck or bounce up and down, reduce the speed slightly until it holds position in the center of the duct. Note the position of the speed dial, as this is the proper speed for the diameter of this branch, and you’ll likely use this setting for other branches of the same size.
    • Feed the cable/auger down the duct, scouring this branch and the portion of trunk/main accessible from this location. A noticeable change in the sound of the auger usually indicates that you have entered the trunk/main.
    • Rectangular trunk lines may be cleaned by entering in forward or clockwise mode, cleaning the right side of the duct, then reversing the rotation, allowing the auger to track to the left, and pulling the auger back to clean the left side of the duct. Always be sure to use the lock nut when reversing the rotation of the auger.
    • Open the next register and block the one that is now clean. Continue in this manner until all of the supply system is clean.
    • To clean the return system, make another opening in the system on the return side near the furnace. Close the opening on the supply side. Repeat the scouring process for the return system.
    • It is necessary to block all of the registers except the one being scoured (supply and return) while running the auger in order to maintain maximum airflow/velocity in the branch being scoured and prevent debris from being pulled into and through the furnace.
    • It is possible to isolate the furnace by pulling air from both the supply and return systems simultaneously. In this case, blocking the registers would not be as critical. This method requires an adapter or “pants” to split the airflow from the negative air collection unit and allow two hoses to be connected to the HVAC system.