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Extraction Systems International manufactures industrial cleaning equipment for use in inaccessible areas. Our innovative carpet cleaning equipment and ventilation cleaning equipment are cost-effective solutions to maintenance industry needs.

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    Extraction Systems International, founded in 1972, originally serviced the carpet and floor care industry with high-quality industrial floor care equipment. In 1985, we were the first to develop and patent the rotary auger duct cleaning method, which removes contaminants and helps keep air ducts free of bacteria. Today, Extraction Systems International continues to develop state-of-the-art cleaning systems to help both contractors and end users create a clean and safe indoor environment.

    Our Mission

    Extraction Systems’ mission is to provide quality-made cleaning systems that reach previously inaccessible areas. Our innovative products are designed to improve the air safety in all types of indoor environments, which increases productivity for our clients.

    The Customer Always Comes First

    • Trustworthiness
      Our products will be made to the highest standards possible. We will live up to all realistic performance expectations for our co-workers and our customers.
    • Honesty
      We will communicate quickly and directly about problems, delays and concerns inside and outside the organization. We will publicly celebrate our successes and be forthright about our failings.
    • Helpfulness
      We will pro-actively help our co-workers and customers. We will treat customers as we would expect to be treated by a quality vendor.
    • Thrifty
      While never sacrificing quality, we will strive for efficiency and cost control with every available resource. We will waste nothing by using ingenuity, skill and resourcefulness.
    • Flexible:
      We will actively look for, and be open to, new ideas and ways of doing business.
    • Value Driven:
      Our products will be the best value for the dollar spent.