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Extraction Systems International manufactures industrial cleaning equipment for use in inaccessible areas. Our innovative carpet cleaning equipment and ventilation cleaning equipment are cost-effective solutions to maintenance industry needs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q:    Why are rotary auger/brush systems better than air whips or compressor powered systems?
    A:    From a source removal standpoint, ESI’s rotary augers offer a more consistent and versatile option for most limited-access cleaning situations. As a simple analogy, let’s picture cleaning a driveway or sidewalk. The comparison is like sweeping with a broom (using a rotary auger), versus laying a garden hose on the ground and allowing it to whip around (like an air whip). From an investment and maintenance perspective, air compressors are expensive, noisy and high maintenance.

    Q:    Can the rotary auger/brush clean all types of ducts?
    A:    Part of the versatility of ESI’s rotary auger comes from the ability to change the type and size of cleaning head as well as the speed and turning direction. This feature allows the cleaning process to be “tuned” to the specific need. The auger can be aggressive enough to cut through resins that accumulate inside ducts during circuit board manufacture or gentle enough not to damage ductboard.

    Q:    What type of vacuum systems will work with a rotary auger?
    A:    When ESI designed and patented the rotary auger/brush method of duct cleaning, vacuum/negative air systems were typically compact for use on board ship. As the industry evolved, larger negative air units meant that the vacuum source didn’t have to be as close to the agitation process. The beauty of the rotary auger is that it can be used with a variety of negative air systems sized to the technician’s needs. It can even be sleeved inside a vacuum hose if the technician determines that it is most appropriate for a particular application.

    Q:    How long does the equipment last?
    A:    Partially due to ESI’s long association with the U.S. Navy, many components of our duct cleaning equipment cross over from the Mil-Spec application to our commercial units. Our commitment to high quality and durability results in many years, even decades, of productive service.

    Q:    What if I need parts?
    A:    Most customers find very few parts that require replacement other than the cleaning heads or filters. If replacement cleaning heads are needed, or a component is damaged or broken, ESI ships worldwide and can be reached to provide replacement parts via this website or telephone.

    Q:    Can I clean dryer vents with the rotary auger?
    A:    Yes. Dryer vents, chimneys, pneumatic tubes, diesel exhaust stacks. ESI’s customers are always finding new opportunities for cleaning inaccessible ducting from 2½” to 36” and beyond.

    Q:    Does ESI carry chemicals for cleaning?
    A:    Yes. We carry our own line of carpet cleaning chemicals in addition to ESI’s own alkaline coil cleaner and STAT super concentrate deodorant. ESI also distributes Bio-Cide International disinfecting products, Oxine and EnviroCon.

    Q:    How far will the rotary auger go down a duct?
    A:    ESI provides standard flexible drive cable in 25’, 35’ and 50’ lengths. Since we manufacture our own products, we can make custom length drive cables to order. ESI has provided drive cables up to 200’ long for special industrial applications.

    Q:    Your extractors look familiar; does someone else make them?
    A:    No. ESI started manufacturing this line of extractors in 1976. For a time, we made and labeled them for both Hoover and Chemco. Many school districts, theme parks and hotels use ESI extractors.

    Q:    I have a model 370-T. The power cord has somehow disappeared. Are replacement parts available? Please advise. I know these units are 20 years old.
    A:    Yes these parts are available; please contact our sales department.

    Q:    My company wishes to purchase five of your 1-horsepower systems. Is delivery outside the U.S.—for example, to Shenzhen, China—possible?
    A:    Yes. ESI has provided equipment to Shenzhen in the past. Please contact our international sales department for assistance with customs requirements and placing your order.

    Q:    I would like to request a quote for the instructional DVD for the power drive unit part #85001 (3707B). I know I requested an order before to buy the power unit, but we found ours so there was no need. However, we still need the DVD to teach our sailors how to set up and use the unit. Please provide me a quote for two of the DVDs. Thank you very much for your time and help. Very respectfully, DC2xxxxx, USSxxxxxxxxx, DDGxxx, U.S. NAVY.
    A:    Please contact ESI’s government sales department for information related to shipboard equipment. We look forward to assisting you in any way we can. Thank you for your service.