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Extraction Systems International manufactures industrial cleaning equipment for use in inaccessible areas. Our innovative carpet cleaning equipment and ventilation cleaning equipment are cost-effective solutions to maintenance industry needs.

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    Extraction Systems International’s patented method of duct cleaning relies on our high-quality cables, augers (brushes) and drive systems. From the ultra-lightweight Econo Mini-Auger to the powerful Renegade model 4607, quality and reliable performance are trademarks of Extraction Systems International (ESI) equipment. All ESI drive units are equipped with an electronic dampener feature to extend cable and mechanical component life.

    Extraction Systems International manufactures durable cables and augers to suit virtually all the demands of the duct cleaning industry. One of the best fogging machines made, the Flex-A-Lite Fogger, model 2600-05, has two special features that set it apart from other cold foggers. First, for convenience, it has an 18″ hose that can be left attached to the side of the machine when not in use. Second, the Flex-A-Lite Fogger gives you the ability to control the flow rate of liquid, varying the size of droplets and the concentration of particles applied. This versatility lets you adjust the Flex-A-Lite Fogger for different types of pest control jobs.

    When fogging outdoors, using large droplets will help the fog solution settle faster, without as much drift. Smaller droplets are ideal for indoor fogging, where you want the pesticide particles to float and stay suspended in the air as long as possible. The Flex-A-Lite Fogger has an adjustable flow rate of 0 to 9 ounces per minute. Its flexible hose allows for fogging under appliances easily and directing fog at particular areas, like vents.

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