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Extraction Systems International manufactures industrial cleaning equipment for use in inaccessible areas. Our innovative carpet cleaning equipment and ventilation cleaning equipment are cost-effective solutions to maintenance industry needs.

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    This lightweight, compact extractor has many of the same hard-working features found in larger models. The 7-gallon tank is ideally suited for use in apartment buildings, small stores and restaurants. It is equipped with a standard 100 PSI solution pump and is compatible with all ESI wands and accessories. Water lift ranges from 90″ to 50″. The chassis and tanks are constructed of high quality reinforced marine fiberglass and are supported on large, 5″-diameter casters. Comes with 17″ vacuum and solution hoses and a lightweight, 1 1/4″ stainless steel scrub wand.

    • Specifications
    • Applications
      • MODEL 250 90″ LIFT PART #80025
      • MODEL 250 90″ LIFT PART #80025
      • MODEL 260 110″ LIFT PART #80120
      • MODEL 260-T 150″ LIFT PART #80261